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    How do I start to archive my posts? I am new, this is obvious, and having some trouble figuring out some of the basics. I have searched, and am sure there is a topic somewhere but cannot find it.



    Can we have a link to your blog please, starting with http://?

    Archives are created automatically. All you need is an archive page.



    Or you can put the archive widget in your sidebar.



    you can create a page and manually update it
    here is a example»Teck~Line»Archives


    I see the archive widget but how to I add the stories to archives? I cannot find a help page which describes it.

    Also a related question, how to view just the first few sentences of a post instead of the entire post on the first page.




    As I said, the archives are created (generated) automatically. Simply add the widget to your sidebar and it will do the rest. (Where is a widget to clean the kitchen like that??)

    Your second point is called splitting a post. There’s a FAQ entry called What do all the icons mean. Use icon #13.


    So re the archives, would you recommend I opt for less posts on a page and then let the system archive the rest? If I delete the posts on a page do they stay in the archives? Thanks!


    A last newby question, on splitting posts… on the FAQ they mention putting the rest of the post where you want it to be? Do you recommend on a page set up for the relevant posts?



    If you delete posts, they are gone forever.

    The number of posts on a page have nothing to do with the archives. The posts become a part of the archives as soon as they are posted. Have you clicked on the May archive link to see what’s in it?

    The reason for reducing the number of posts on a page is readability.


    if you want to create an Archives page as gamehq suggested, then here’s a tut to help you do it easily.
    How to create an Archives page/post for a blog

    on the FAQ they mention putting the rest of the post where you want it to be?
    If you have a post that has three paras and you want only the first two paras to be visible to the reader first, then put the “more” tag after the second para. The reader will see the third para only when s-he clicks a link that says “Read the rest of the entry” (or something else, depending on your theme) that appears after the second para.

    Note that the “Read the rest of the entry” link goes away from the post after the reader clicks it.

    Do you recommend on a page set up for the relevant posts?
    The whole post is not set on such a page. It’s the same post, but the url is configured differently.

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