STARZIK is a Brand and someone use it illegaly

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    Hello, I am the Content Manager of , Starzik is a brand and someone opened a blog at the adress :

    We tryed to contact the admin but no one is answering us since months, this admin has to change the name of his/her blog adress and every articles wich contains the word “STARZIK” wich is a copyrighted restricted brand and the admin has no right to use it.

    Please contact us @ (email redacted) once you could obtain the admin email or once he has changed his/hers adress, we want to use the adress :

    Best Regards,

    The blog I need help with is



    Please contact staff.
    Only staff can tell you whether it’s fair to create a blog on the name of a TM product or not?
    If this is something against the copy right I’m afraid that the blog name will not be available for you too. So go contact staff and ask them the same question.

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