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Stat charts not showing up

  1. Ever since I re-instated firefox on my pc after working on my laptop for a while, and adding few extensions like Noscript and Adblock from mozilla the charts on blog stats and feeds page, stopped showing up..Immediately therefore the extensions were deleted thinking they might have been the culprit..but of no avail..the charts are still playing truant. Somehow this also seems to have affected search engine referrals, unexplainedly. They have dropped drastically.

  2. try running firefox in the safe mode (not windows safe mode if you're using windows) .. the easiest way to do this by choosing Mozilla Firefox (Safemode) from the start menu, if you think that your mozilla firefox installation has been corrupted

    and about search engine referal, it doesnt have anything to do with your charts(except there's problem with server) because referer get counted when someone click on your link from another website or search engine

  3. reaperxzr thanks for the response.
    The mozilla programme may not be corrupted but 'noscript' and 'adblock' may not have been compatible with wordpress as a server or my theme, rubrick. Also google is not able to access my wordpress site while it can my blogspot site.. I cannot say for sure what is the connection..I tried to come through the google account and it said ..error 404 on header..or that pages from my site cannot be displayed..

  4. um ... actually im using noscript without problem :D ... you can safely enable scripting for this site (wordpress can be trusted, but if you still don't trust other wordpress users blogs, you can only enable scripting only for your site / blogs) ... as for adblock, i don't use it since im using other content filtering software.

    as for the google, do you mean a google sitemap account ? if that's the case, there's no way you can validate your sitemap account because you can't upload the google verification file in wordpress nor editing the meta tags ... but if you can give me a more detailed explanation about this google thing maybe i can figure it out ;)

  5. I use both NoScript and Adblock. The problem could be Adblock blocking the Flash content. My blog stats do not load automatically. I have to click a little play button. I set it that way.

  6. reaperxzr
    , eclecticgeek
    yes I know that google site map cannot be validated on wordpress. However, my reference was towards my account page at google..Although it reflected my wordpress account in detail..on clicking pages loaded it showed error.Also I read the tag disallowed somewhere. This has occurrred after Adblock of that I am certain as also the stat chart not showing up. Even up till few days ago I have referrals from google of my wordpress blog in first ten..the same referrals do not show my site any more. Ad block ought to have clarified just what it denotes in practical usage.., exactly what it is they will block and how does that translate google wise etc.. this is annoying.

    since there has been no response from either wordpress or google.. I guess re loading my blog should be the option.. only I would like to refresh the same theme.. and there is no provision for that..

  7. The forums are pretty much volenteer driven now. Best way to get an offical responce from staff would be via Feedback from your dashboard.

    To refresh the theme, just choose another and then switch back afterwards.

    The stat pages are run via Javascript and Flash with information coming from other servers. That might be why they're not coming up.

    As to the broken links with Google, can't help unless we see an example.

  8. thanks dr mike.Actually I have sent wordpress a feed back via the dashboard.

    As for flash, I have reinstalled macro the stats charts are now showing up.

    I dont know what to do about the javascript issue. I had removed Noscript immediately from the tools drop box>extensions.Am I supposed to de-install elsewhere to complete the process?

    Google referrals continue to be almost non existent..I dont know how to show you an example except if you care to see my stats charts for say on the 8th and compare with now..

    does it make this post suitable for 'Are others facing stats problems too?'

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