Stat Counter is misleading

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    The general help link for the stat counter says that it does not count my own visits to my blog.

    Is that correct.

    I am just creating my blog and have not even invited anyone or publicized it at all. Yet the stat counter has logged 100’s of visits.

    I assume that has to be me checking and re-checking. (and checking and rechecking some more)

    How can I correct the stat counter so it does not count my visits?

    Once I do start promoting my blog, I would like to know the count is a little more accurate.

    Thank you for your suggestions

    The blog I need help with is



    Just wondering if anyone can tell me how to make sure the stat counter is not counting my own visits



    If your blog visibility is set to public and you are logged in your visits are not being recorded. See here >



    hmm… ok, so I betcha what happens is everytime I log into wordpress, I do it thru the meta link on my blog.

    I bet those are counting as visits also.

    Thanks for the help

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