Stat graphs for page views should be column graphs!

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    Hi there,
    The data for page views for posts is discrete. Therefore the graphs used should be column graphs, not line graphs.

    Line graphs are used for continuous data.





    I thought views vs. time is continuous data…then again, I kind of went blank in my statistics class a few semesters ago, but I think I’m right


    The number of page views is discrete because it can be counted as a whole number, 10,11, or 78. Data are continuous when the values can take on any value. ie. A person may weigh 178.65 pounds, but you can not have 178.65 page views – you either have 178 page views or 179, but nothing in between. See for more info.



    Whoa!!!…major headache, OK your right, I’m wrong. I just like the look of a line graph better then a bar graph. But, I guess it does make sense to have a bar graph if you wanna be all technical with it.



    crap I did it again, “OK your right, I’m wrong”
    I mean, OK YOU'RE right, I'm wrong
    Just a little grammar thing I’m trying to get used too :)

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