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Stat madness

  1. On September 13 I scored a record (for me) 1983 visits to my site. Ever since then, the busiest day has been shown as 9/13, with 1983 visits. No problem there. TODAY, over six weeks later, it is still shown as 9/13 – but with 1966 visits!!

    I have had RISING stats after the event before, but never FALLING. Does anyone have a clue why this happens?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not a clue. Maybe TPTB finally got around to burying those spam referrers that have been plaguing us. :)

  3. This has happened to me too,

    I had 2929 for ages and now all of a sudden its 2985???

  4. At least you are going up not down.

    Seems clear that this data is retrieved from one of a number of possible servers, which are not always correctly in synch. There are times every single day when my stat total goes up and down. Usually, at the end of that day, that day's grand total locks in.

    Sometimes, however, days or weeks later, a rogue server sends back a different grand total, which then locks in in its turn.

  5. This doesn't really address your issue, however, did you know there ia other data available to us?

  6. I think I am going to go nuts!!! I started a blog thru ..setting up yadda..yadda wanted to have stats
    The Stats Plugin is not working because it needs to be linked to a account.

    Enter your API key to link this blog to your account. Be sure to use your own API key! Using any other key will lock you out of your stats. (Get your key here.)
    so I go to (get your key here) which is shall i say try to login!! Doesnt accept my username etc that i received in my am I missing something here? how am i supposed to get the API key for my Blog?? Any help at all would be appreciated before i go nuts!! lol thanks

  7. Yes. It's here in the support documentation >

  8. so I go to (get your key here) which is shall i say try to login!! Doesnt accept my username etc that i received in my am I missing something here?

    @pyxismteam10- you seem to be logged in now. Is this not the correct username? Do you see a gray Admin Bar at the top of the screen? If so, you should be able to reach your API key by clicking on the link in that Support doc that timethief linked to.

    If pyxismteam10 is not the correct username and you are having trouble logging in, please contact Support directly. As you do not have a blog here, first LOG OUT and then click this link

  9. timethief, That Quantcast data is publicly available to anyone, right?

  10. @david, yes it is available to anyone.

  11. On the stats plugin. Make sure that you have your browser set to allow third-party cookies otherwise the stats plugin will not work.

    When you log into your self-hosted blog, the first time you try and view your stats after you add the API key, you will have to enter your username and password from the account here at wordpress.COM (where you got your API key). After that it should remember and you should not have to again enter the username and password.

  12. Thanks.

  13. @davederrick
    Both Alexa and quantcast dara on your blog is available to the public at large. When it comes to quantcast data in some cases the webmasters of sites choose to suppress the display of data.

  14. The real issue is that if the stat data that is picked up is inconsistent (see above), are our POSTS sometimes also getting displayed in their non-final forms, with some edits being lost?

  15. Sometimes Quantcast won't show your stats; they won't show the stats of my own blog, although they show the stats of several others I write for. It's weird.

  16. I don't know and believe that's an issue only Staff can speak to.

  17. Yes, I've noticed that Quantcast inconsistency. I also have to say that their whole display and explanation of data is a dog's dinner. They need a decent designer who knows how to present information.

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