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    On October 29, my blog received 105 views, my busiest day ever. But now the number of views on that day has changed to 94. How and why would this number change and do any of the other numbers change this way?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. I suggest you contact staff directly about this on Monday:


    I had a similar problem with my stats for 11/1 being downgraded, so it’s not just an isolated incident. I contacted support.



    I had this issue the day the time was changed to winter one. The time for my blog was set not for a specific city ( ex. London) but according to that +2 GMT, +3 GMT system. Thus, when the time changed my blog started showing the wrong time. So, to get the right time again I changed the time in the settings and chose a specific city. Having done that I “jumped back in time” in a way and my stat numbers returned to the ones they were ah hour ago. When that hour passed I got them back.

    So, I’m not sure if your changes were somehow connected to the winter time change, but I thought I’d share my idea.

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