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    Hi. My members-only site at is not registering stats for member visits. The members have contributor privileges. Can I not get stats for a member only site???



    Not as far as I know if all the members are also contributors. You could set their status to Users and then they would be counted, but blog authors are never counted when they’re logged in, and of course they have to be logged in to see the blog at all.



    Thanks for responding. I don’t see how to set their status to User. It’s not an option in the list – there is only contributor, author, editor and administrator. I would love to just have member have read-only privileges. Is that really possible??



    according to the FAQs this is possible

    Can I password protect my whole blog?
    Yes you can. Look in Options > Privacy
    The last option is I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose
    Check that button
    Click Update
    And now your blog is protected from everyone (see below)
    You can then – if you want – add up to 35 users who can access the blog.
    A paid upgrade offers unlimited users.
    What is the difference between Users > Add User and Privacy > Add User ?
    User > Add user means you are letting someone into the admin of your blog. They can contribute to the blog. How much they can do depends on what role you give them but they still get in.
    Privacy > Add User means all they can do is see the blog. They cannot get into admin, they can just read the blog.

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