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stat snafu?

  1. My own hits are being counted in my stats. I'm signed in proper & all. Anyone else have the problem?

  2. Yep.

    Weird one; never seen that before. Have you sent in a feedback? Looks like the techies need to get on this one.

  3. Seems to be happening to me as well. Feedback sent.

  4. We are looking into this right now.

  5. Funny... I was just working on that. :-)

    What made you notice that?

  6. It's fixed now, for sure. Sorry about that!

  7. Thanks! That was quick.

    I noticed because I was trying to post an Odeo podcast and kept having to look at the post, and the hits went up steadily; there was zero chance it had suddenly become really popular, particularly since it didn't work (till I fixed it).

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