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Statcounter -- code needed on every page?

  1. Hello, I've hit some existing threads but they're all closed. I've added the statcounter as a text widget. But that seems to only record visits to main page, not distinct posts. Is this correct?

    Do I have to add the statcounter html to Every post? And if the answer is yes, can I just delete the img src from the code so the button doesn't show up every time?

  2. That is correct. If you want Statcounter stats on every single post, you'll need to add it into every single post. You will need to attach the link to something, so if not to the button, perhaps just a period or something.

  3. Thanks raincoaster. Do you know of a way to make the link invisible?

  4. No. Even if you change the colour so it matches the background that will be overruled by your theme's link formatting.

  5. The more I discover about stat counters the less impressed I am with them for use with

  6. My StatCounter widget IS invisible. I just selected that option when I obtained the original code at the StatCounter site.

  7. Thanks all -- jtur001 I'll go back and look into that...

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