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StatCounter coding?

  1. michellehoneydewnews

    Is the StatCounter supposed to be the actual text you typed in for the html coding? That's how it looks on my blog: . All I see is the StatCounter logo. My cousin is the one with the StatCounter account. Is he the only one who can see the stat counts?

  2. michellehoneydewnews

    Sorry to people who think I am spamming the forum. I'm not trying to be annoying. I just have a lot of problems and questions right now.

  3. Michelle -- I just added Statcounter as a text widget. The only thing that should show on your blog is the button -- not the code. See, bottom right side.

    We can never get too much traffic info, right? ;-) Good luck!

  4. @michellehoneydewnews: You've got the wrong code. You must create a new statcounter project, choosing the "HTML only" counter.

  5. michellehoneydewnews

    Thanks guys! My cousin said that's how it should look, but I'll ask him again.

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