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    Hello, I have an invisble statcounter and use the template blix. When a add “text” widget and copy my statcounter code… I see my HTMl Code online at the blog. But I don’t want this. Furthermore it seems the counter doesn’t work.
    I used the same code with and other sites without any problem.
    How do I install this code?



    You can’t. The code you’re trying to install is the javascript version and it is stripped out at WordPress because we’re on a shared blogging platform and it would introduce vulnerabilities to everyone’s blog if you installed it.

    But sitemeter does supply non-javascript code; it’s what I’m using myself. Just get the button image and the link code they give you and put it in your sidebar either as a text widget or straight into the blogroll. You don’t say which system you’re using, but I would expect that most of them have a non-javascript button or such.



    There are 3 different choices free of stats counters you can install on your blog. They are listed in this FAQs thread.


    Tnx for your help. I didn’t know the problem was Javascript. I made an activemeter account and problem is solved.



    Save yourselves time..

    Active meter is down at the moment!

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