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Static date on home page

  1. I am the administrator of a new blog for our bicycle group. I chose a blog format over a typical web site because a blog is very easy to maintain. I add, update, or remove information from the site almost daily. The site uses the Contempt theme.

    However, unlike most blogs the main "home" page has a static "Welcome" post with general information about the group that never (or, rarely) changes. It's the only post on the site and I chose to stick it to the main page, which is the main (and only) page that comes standard with this theme.

    I'd like to make that page ONLY a page, like all the others, so that the information on the main page is not a post and therefore doesn't include the date. The only reason I don't like the date on the page is because I need to change it frequently to keep the page (and site) looking current for viewers.

    Is there a workaround for this? Why can't the default main page be maintained as a page rather than a post? Is there a way to convert it to a page?

    I'd appreciate any help and suggestions.


  2. Sorry, I do not know how this question got posted twice.

  3. What you could do is create a page called something like 'Welcome' with all the information you want on it and set this as a static home page. Instructions on how to do this are here:

    But you will still have a blog page which will have a date on it. This is a blog site and there isn't the facility to delete the dynamic blog page. Maybe you could incorporate that into your website as a place to put more general discussions or something?

    Otherwise, the only thing you could do is get the paid CSS upgrade and work out how to delete the date. But if you don't already know CSS this really isn't recommended since there's no support for it.

  4. Actually, looking at your site again, it would seem to make sense to use the blog page for your 'News' section.

  5. So make it a page instead of a post. And then set that static page as the front page.

    Take a look at the FAQ and

  6. Stereo :)

  7. Thank you for your replies.

    I believe the "Home" page, in spite of appearing with the others in the navigation bar, is not a true blog page like the other pages (it doesn't appear in my list of pages -- it appears in the list of posts) and I can't change the name from "Home" to anything else. It seems to be stuck as a default "page" but not a page I can rename or remove or reorder. Does that make any sense?

    I do know CSS but our group has opted not to pay for that upgrade at this time. That's OK.... I'd rather wait and see if there's a real need for it. I'll dig around in the default CSS page and see if there's something that could be modified to remove the date.

  8. Yes, the "Home" tab is not a normal page: it's a link to the main URL of your blog (which can be either your main posts area or a static front page); and it's built into the theme you're using - you can't remove it. You can switch to another theme with no such tab.

    And what about rosclarke's and vivianpage's suggestion? Don't you want a static front page?

  9. Ask Support via your blog's Dashboard to remove the date from the static page. I had this problem on one of my blogs About page. They agreed it shouldn't be there and removed it.

  10. It's not a static page he has there, it's a sticky post. That's why I recommended he just make a static page instead.

  11. Ah, sorry, vivian. Too hasty of a reply.

  12. Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try them this weekend when I have a bit more time.


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