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    I recently started a blog on wordpress using the Ambiru theme by Phu Ly. I’ve followed the instructions on the following tutorial

    to create a static front page so that my “about” page comes up first when one clicks on my blog. the only issue i am having now is that the initial “Home” page won’t go away, and aesthetically it looks unprofessional to have a Home and about tab that are the same thing.

    At the bottom of this tutorial the poster addresses this issue and says:

    “To change it, edit the appropriate template file featuring the code of the navigation bar with the template tag wp_list_pages. Set the parameters to change the link title.”

    However, I’m new to WordPress, and don’t really know 1) what this means and 2) how to go about doing this.

    If anyone can help me out, it’d be most appreciated.




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    The codex is written for ans meant to be used by bloggers who have wordpress.ORG installs. That software is different from the software we have here at wordpress.COM

    Here we have the wordpress.COM support diocumantation. This is the main link And these are the links to the pecific entries you are looking for.
    hiding pages




    thanks, those links help. i was able to fix the pages widget part. this is a dumb question, but i cant seem to find the Pages Attribute section referenced in the second link about hiding pages.



    If you open the Page for editing and then look on the far right hand side you will see under the Publish Box an Attributes box. Does this help?



    hmm i tried changing the page attribute settings to main page, or just fooling around with the different settings, and still cant get rid of the Home tab. any advice?


    The home tab is built into the theme: you can’t get rid of it. It’s the “About” tab you’ll hide, by turning it into a child page.

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