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Static front page cause static rank?

  1. I just read the below post ("Static Page Customize") from Timethief on May 25, 2007 and I am wondering if my front page will create an issue in determining page rank. Will it cause a lower ranking?

    Now that I have provided the "how to's" above, I'm here to tell you that there is a downside to having a static front page. In terms of blog ranking Google heavily relies on the front page information and determines the blog's ranking based in part on the number of links to your posts, the number of comments and the page rank of the Categories and links listed in your sidebar. Your static front page may be as inviting as you choose to make it but if it lacks the elements above then it has nothing that can be used to determine a page rank.

  2. Yes, it will slaughter your googlejuice. TT's advice was and remains sound.

  3. You also want to see my remarks here:

    Search engines rank sites in part on how fresh their info up front is, which is why blogs outrank static sites in general. By putting the front page of your blog as a dead, never-changing site and the actual dynamic part of the site one or two clicks in you are doing yourself an SEO disservice.

  4. I appreciate the information. Can you take a quick look at The whole purpose of this front page was to allow people direction as to where to go participate in our blog because essentially, the topics are different, and there will be a couple of different bloggers.

  5. skitheloup - After you've read the thread raincoaster linked to, you might want to look at this blog, which has 9 contributors. It's one example how to handle a blog with several bloggers:

  6. Thanks. There will be, for us, two bloggers initially and maybe that will be it ultimately. I wanted the front page to give options attractively, up front, as to where people could go, but I don't want to reduce SEO possibilities. I did read Raincoasters thread. Perhaps I could transfer the table that I coded to the sidebar. Any comments on that?

  7. You will possibly have to make it vertical, say 1 column and # of rows as needed but a text widget with your information in it at the top of the sidebar should work well.

  8. bluebirdgrainfarms, I would recommend one blog on a theme which displays contributors, and with separate categories. If you need more separation than that, I recommend either an independent WP install or two separate blogs. You can make a third blog with a static web page as the front page and have two images on it, each of which links to a different blog, but that's a real kludge and not exactly elegant.

  9. Okay I will investigate all the suggestions. Thanks volunteers for all of your help!

  10. Oh except I forgot to ask how would an independent WP install make a difference? I have checked it out a bit on and I am really wondering the difference. Is it that you can use plug-ins and such and need a webhost or what else?

  11. Yes, you can use plugins, and you can advertise if you want to and you have a lot more choices when it comes to themes and such. If you have the expertise, you can even modify the underlying theme and program php files to further customize things although that is definitely something more for the "super-geeky."

    The drawbacks are that you are responsible for all maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting and such where here at .com that is all taken care of for you.

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