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    I have a problem with managing my pages and was hoping someone might be able to suggest how to get around it. My site is and it will probably be easier to look at it.

    I want a static front page ‘home’ which gives an introduction to the site, and then the rest of the static pages and a blog page for posting to. I can set ‘home’ as my static front page, no problem there, but then I have a problem with where the posts go. I have tried creating another page and choosing that as my posts page but then in my pages menu bar I get ‘Blog’ which leads to the frontpage and then ‘blog 2’ which is the actual blog page I created. How do I get rid of Blog which is pointless and makes my menu bar messy?

    hope that makes some sense to someone!



    Okay know this please a blog is not a website. Pages aren’t categories. On your blog you can only assign one page as “home page”, and you can only assign one page as your “posts page”.
    Here’s where you make your two choices -> dashboard -> options -> reading -> reading options. Make your choices and then click update options.

    Aside from that if you so choose you can make a site index page and remove your categories widget from your sidebar but a site index page will not automatically update – you will have to do that yourself
    I notice you haven’t set up all your sidebar widgets yet and this will help you do that


    Hmm, maybe I’m not making sense. I realise I am using blogging software to try and create something more than a simple blog, but this is the reason I am using simple web terms such as ‘Home’ to signify the page I want opened when the site loads. I know about pages and categories and that the static pages will not update with posts etc. I don’t want a site index and I’m reasonably happy with my widgets.I’m all ok with that stuff I think.

    My problem is that I have ‘Blog’ at the start of the menu along the top, which just links to whatever my static front page is (Home), and then my actual blog where posts are going (at the moment named blog2) also in the menu bar. I want rid of ‘Blog’ from the menu bar becuase its pointless and messing everything up.

    An alternative would be if I could anchor my first post at the top of the post page and so negate the need for a static front page.




    I do understand you. On the k2 theme you’ve got “blog” whether you like it or not. You could try another theme if you don’t want the “blog” page because it comes with the K2 theme.

    Regardless of the theme you choose the instructions I gave you above are the ones to follow if you want to change your “front page” from the one that the theme provides (usually called home) to another one. The same also applies and/or if you want to change the page which is your “posts” page where the blog posts run.


    bum, just got that theme working well. any ideas about anchoring a first post? I’ve searched these forums and there doesnt seem to be an easy answer. I wondered whether I could change the date of that post to some ridiculous date in the future and so it would always be most recent..?



    Yes, you can anchor a first post by giving it a future date so it will always be at the top but I’m not sure that’s really the way to go. I’d rename “Home” to “About”. This page would then be “about us, our wedding, why we have created this blog, and how to navigate your way through this blog “. I would then create a “current” page and assign my blog posts to it. Would that work for you?

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