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static home page with 2 tabs active on navigation bar

  1. I have a static home page that refers to a hidden page. The problem is when you are on the home page it and its parent tab is highlighted at the same time on the navigation bar. (see Any way to get around this and have only the home page tab active and a static home page at the same time?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If the static home page is a child page that should not occur. Are you sure your "About Us"-page has a parent?

  3. That is interesting, and should not happen. I suggest you contact staff directly on that at and ask them to look into it. I'm sure they will be able to get it fixed for you.

  4. "About us" is a parent page, but the static page on the home page is a child of "About Us", thus its link is blue if you are on the home page as well. If I change the parent of my static home page the color just moves to that parent page on the nav bar.

  5. ps -Thanks guys!

  6. Have you tried making it a child of any of the other pages?

  7. yup then the same thing happens just with the new parent. I even made it a child of a child and who ever the parent of all the pages was was blue along with the home page.

  8. It is a theme bug then. Contact staff.

  9. I emailed support - will they email me back or is there somewhere else I should look?

  10. Yes, they will email you back.

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