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    My company is hoping to host our blog on but we need the site to have a static IP for firewall issues with our own servers. Is it possible to get the range of IPs has? If not, can we pay to have a static IP? Does support SSL?

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the only paid hosting plan at
    VIP Services: Support & Hosting


    Is that really our only option to get a fixed ip address?


    I wonder if this will do the trick:



    That just changes the domain, it doesn’t remove you from the collective of IPs etc. I’ve flagged this thread for staff attention in case they have anything to add.



    I’m sorry, but we do not offer static IP addresses at


    Thanks macmanx.

    I just spoke to our IT Administrator and he is wondering if we can get a list of the pool of IPs that are used? If so, can we be notified when they change?

    We are willing to upgrade if that’s what it takes to get this info.



    There is no such upgrade and there is no list. You are barking up the wrong tree, so to speak.



    No, we do not share our IP addresses. is a cloud-based service between several servers spread throughout four datacenters.

    Basically, depending on location, load, and other factors, you may be accessing a different server at a different datacenter (therefore a different IP) every time you load your blog.

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