Static landing page is missing <!–next–> pages 2 and 3.

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    Hi I created a static page called “Program”, made it as my home/landing page and used <!–next–> to create 2 more pages within the page. I have done this successfully with other static pages that are not my home/landing, creating many pages within a static page. But, on my home/landing static page “Program”, if you click on the number 2 for the next page the reader is redirected to a September’08 ‘post’ on my blog. If you click on the number 3 for the 3rd page of the the static page “Program”, this is what shows…. ” Error 404 – File Not Found. Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” I’ve cleared out the page and started over at one time thinking that I made an incorrect command on accident, but no resolve.

    Also, I added the Widget ‘pages’ to my site then I changed the theme and it came up missing. Now looking at my list of Widgets, the ‘add’ option is missing to the left of ‘pages’. I experimented with my current widgets, removed them, and the ‘add’ option reappeared for those… but I can’t find a way to remove or add the widget ‘pages’. Please help. Thank you.


    Wow, thanks so much panaghiotisadam! I love your idea about creating a page, hiding it, then providing a link from the front page to it. sooo smart. As for my missing widget, thanks for the tip about going back to the old theme, remove all widgets, change back to the new theme, then add all widgets back. Have a great night and thanks for your quick reply. Merry Chirstmas.

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