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Static page ala or or my site

  1. I have been trying to find a way to create a static page with Page titles that link inside. I've tried several variations that seem to work but not actually. The themes seem enabled to create a static page with just say the name of the site and the page titles but it also limits the position of the page titles, not to mention their content. Also, the widgets like "Leave a comment" and other links remain on the homepage.

    I am thinking of moving my site to WordPress but can't find a solution. The static page was an easier process to create in, although wordpress seems to be better at everything else.

    I have read most of the answers here but can't find an answer. I wonder also how WordPress has so many ready-made themes but not that one static page layout ala or Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't have any idea why one would create this as static Pages, which have relatively little googlejuice and require manual sorting, rather than blog Posts, which are attractive to search engines and self-organizing. But there are several themes with different post/page formats, so look around.

  3. The site is not meant to be heavily trafficked; it's a portfolio site--no googlejuice needed, so to speak. I have blog posts that is about what you're saying and they're going remain in blog format. It's only this site that I'm experimenting with. Thanks for your input.

  4. Well, you could create a table and put the pages in there, perhaps with images accompanying them. But I think that would be better served by a Gallery page if it's a portfolio, and several themes have those built in.

  5. I think my portfolio doesn't even need a gallery (a space for some images but not too much), just links to my published articles, as seen in the Published page of my section. Or perhaps I didn't understand what you mean by table.

  6. Well, you can do that as a simple long list. I had more of a grid layout in mind, like the new themes have for Featured Posts.

  7. Are there steps to do this in the site somewhere?

  8. Are there steps to do this in the site somewhere?

  9. To make a grid? No, you just have to use HTML code. To do a list? Just type it in and, if you want, use the bulleted list icon.

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