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Static page for front page

  1. I want to use a static page for my front page. I created a page and named it Home. Under Options/Reading I selected "Front page displays static page" and selected "Home". Now the problem -- I'm using a template that automatically places navigation at the top. Not only does it have my Home link, it automatically places one called "Front Page." How do I get rid of "Front Page"? I have no posts or pages called "Front Page".

  2. Would you please provide a link to your blog?

  3. i have exactly the same problem-i can't change the name of "Front Page" to the name i want. Even when i choose another page as the home page in options, the title "Front Page" still appears at the top of my site.I also can't delete the page. I really want to get rid of it! how do it do it? i'm using the "Cutline" theme. please help!

  4. thistimethisspace

    @ pacificfive1
    Would you please provide a link to your blog?

    I have just looked at your blog. The front page appears to be hard-coded into this theme. I put Cutline up on my test blog and I noted that it did not appear under -> Manage -> Pages". I'm sorry to say that you cannot "get rid of it" and I was unable as you were to change the static "front page" to another one. That means if this is really important to you that you will have to choose another theme.

    BTW your blog's link is without the "www". Using the "www" will mean some folks on the net and some search engines will not be able to locate your blog.

  6. ok, thanks a lot for your help...maybe i'll have to change the template..shame as i like the look of this one. oh well...and thanks for advice about the site link.

  7. I'm sorry it wasn't good news. I also suspect that the Pressrow theme may be coded the same way as it's by the same designer.

  8. Moot. Pacificfive1 is a SEO link site and has been reported.

    TT, you got the 'www' bit incorrect there. It's fine in that case.

  9. @drmike
    WOAH! Thanks for being so vigilant.

    Sheesh .. It's obvious that I need bigtime help with this "www" bit. :(
    Can you give me the lesson again on this please?

  10. Manage > Pages
    Edit the current front page
    Look on the right of the Editing area - there is a box 'Page Parent'
    Open that
    Make your page the child of 'About Us'

    That should do it.

  11. @Mark
    Did you notice that drmike reported it as an seo link site?
    Also when I go in my test blog with Cutline up to Manage -> Pages the "Front Page" is not listed there so I can't edit it and do what you suggest.

  12. Oh, lookie. All the posts disappeared.

  13. @drmike
    Sheesh .. It's obvious that I need bigtime help with this "www" bit. :(
    Can you give me the lesson again on this please?

  14. tt - I just faq'd the hiding of pages. Been meaning to do it for ages.

  15. @Mark
    Thanks I found it and I understand it

  16. Hi! I just found this thread because I had the same 'front page' title problem with a cutline template. Has anybody managed to solve this problem since?! The above suggestion by Mark did not work because, as timethief pointed out the 'front page' is not listed when I go to manage>pages

  17. so sorry, I just realised this says resolved..but I'm still confused!

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