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static page for home & blog page for posts...but blog/posts page showing home/static page conten

  1. I set up a static page for the home page. I set my page called 'blog' and made it he 'posts page.' However, even after refreshing, removing my cookies, logging out and restarting wordpress, etc., the posts are not showing up on the blog page. Rather, the blog page is showing the content of my home page and not the posts. When I look at the pages list it shows properly that my home page is static page and that my blog page is the posts page. When I click under that admin page list on the blog page to view, the page comes up and it looks just as it should. However, when I just navigate using my menus to the blog page, the posts do not show up and it shows the home page content instead. I don't know what to do. It seems to be a no brainer and that it's just broken. I have no idea how to get technical help on wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This for some reasons shows the wrong blog that I need help with. It's

  3. Please post the URL starting with http:// of the site you refer to and the URLs of any pages you refer to as well.

  4. I believe you will benefit from reading this closely:

    Every theme has a detailed theme description page with set up instructions like this one and a live demo site like this one

  5. O.k., this is crazy. As soon as you told me to copy the links in, I realized the problem. The link was referring to the wrong thing on the blog tab/posts page. So I went in, found that, changed it, re-published and now it's working. But if you had not asked me that question, I would not have realized the two pages were pointing to the same link! Thank you!! I'm not a technical person, so the whole menu part of it was new, and that's where the problem was - on one of the menu items.

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