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Static Page Ideas

  1. I'm relatively new to using WordPress, so sue me if this question has been asked and answered.

    Beyond the typical "About Me" page, what are some other uses for pages? The one book I'm reading on WordPress explains what static pages are, but does not give any suggestions on how to use them beyond the above mentioned "About Me" idea.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have several pages on my site, which may give you ideas.

    1. A legal notice/caveat of sorts
    2. An umbrella "help" type page
    3. The standard "About Me"
    4. A contact Page
    5. An Archives Page
    6. A "Sites I visit" page
    7. A general "Links and Stuff" Page
    8. An "Australia in Pictures" page
    9. A page listing blogging awards received.
    10 . A Site Map Page
    11 A complete Index of all entries in chronological order

    So there are some suggestions for you!

  3. I use the archives short-code one of my static pages which is labeled "Sitemap" to display all my posts.

    I have a Translations page

    I also use a static page as an index page with links to Popular Posts.

  4. I have a Static page that lists other blogs that I write.

    I know that one can put it into a links widget but it's harder for a reader to distinguish the meaning if there are other widgets with links.

  5. You can also use it for information that is likely not going to change. You may blog about nutrition, for example, and healthy eating, and have static pages on each of the vitamins and what foods contain them, for example.

    I prefer using pages for much of my "longer" content because in the theme I have, I can set each page template individually and choose whether or not to have the sidebars display on the page. For almost all of my pages, I've chosen not to have the sidebars appear -- there is a widget area in the footer, though, in which I have navigation widgets, and of course, there's the menu in the header.

    Some people advise against having very many static pages, but I find that my static pages do get indexed by the search engines, and I also find that on almost any day of the week, there are more pages hit than posts hit on my blog, if I don't include the "homepage" hits. It really depends what you're using the static pages for and whether the content is well-organized and easy to find from the homepage of your blog. For people who visit my blog, having pages is the way to go for their use.

  6. hi all,
    i figured out how to make the first page static, but i do i create more than one static page on wordpress?
    thanks for the help

  7. Click your "New" button in your gray admin bar at the top of the window, and select "Page."

    You can also do it from your dashboard by going to "Pages" on the left-hand side, and clicking "New."

    Here's a link to info on Pages:

    And here's clarification on the difference between Posts and Pages:

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