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    please help a newbie understand this…i kinda wanted to have a quasi “home page” feel to my blog where my first post remains at the top. plainly, i dont want it bumped to the bottom following every new posted blog. is there a way to do this? i found my settings and chose the “static page” but now my new posts dont appear unless i click a link. what i want is my first post to remain on the front “home” page and all subsequent posts follow below it.

    The blog I need help with is youngstarvingartist.wordpress.com.



    Hello! You should choose: Settings ยป Reading Settings >> Front page displays “Your latest post” I think :)


    When you’ve set a static front page, you need to create a page for your posts as well and set it as your posts page in Settings>Reading. But you only want your first post permanently on top of the others, so you must revert to “Front page displays Your latest post”, as lilmaouz says, plus make the first post a sticky post (post editor > Publish module > Visibility > Edit).


    thank you both for the responses. i’ll try and make sense of it…ALL of this is new to me, including the language. thought id try and do this myself as i have no budget to pay s/o to do it for me-happy to even have my own computer…

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