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static page issues

  1. I followed the video instructions for changing my welcome page into a static page. In settings, I chose read. I hit the radio button for static, and indicated my front page would be my 'welcome' page. Then for posts, I chose "latest blogs". I saved my choices and then checked my pages over. Suddenly my latest blog page was displaying my 'welcome' page text. A virtual duplicate of my now static 'welcome page'. I checked the url on latest blogs, and it reads ../latest_blogs.

    The only way for the text for latest blogs to appear as it should is to just have it listed as a regular page, not my blog post page.

    It occured to me that perhaps I needed to clear my cache. I did that. I also held shift and refresh. Made no difference.

    My template is Twenty-ten. What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't see any blog posts, I see only static pages over at that site. Make a POST, not a Page, and it should show up. Until something shows up, we have nothing to go on.

  3. *thuds head on desk* Yeah, that 'fixed' it. You wouldn't believe how long I spent on that. Thanks.

  4. No worries. Pretty much every blogger does that at first, including me. The faster you ask for help, the faster the problem gets solved.

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