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    My blog: is set up to display a static page. However now when I go to the page I am automatically redirected to, and as a result the static page isn’t displayed! All the links etc are still active on the sidebars, but there is a big blank space where the static page should be! Its only started happening today and I haven’t made any changes to CSS etc.. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


    I have a similar problem. I have a static page as front page, too, and it isn’t displayed either. Instead all recent posts are there and the page seems to have disappeared, nothing happens when I click on it in my sidebar. Started happening today, about one or two hours ago everything was normal. I hope anyone can help…



    ismhistory, please note that I have changed the link to your blog. Please don’t use the ‘www’ within your URL. The ‘ismhistory’ bit takes the place of it. They shouldn’t be in there together. 30% of the net and most search engine spiders can’t follow such a link either. It also makes you look fairly foolish.

    Looking at your blog though, I’m only seeing a single Page, your Welcome page. Can you please take a look at Dashboard -> Options -> Reading and tell us what you have set for both Front Page and Posts Page?

    Ditto to phrix.


    For front page I have set the title of my welcome page, for posts page (the one below it? It’s all German on my blog.) its ” – W “. I haven’t changed anything there since I made those settings a month ago.



    I have this problem too! Help!



    I am having the same problem with my static page @ It worked great for the first several days, but when I looked at the blog today, there was no static page. All the links worked, but instead of the static page, all my posts were displayed. All my settings were the same on the Dashboard>options>reading page. I even tried created a page called “Posts” and selecting it to be my default “posts” page, and nothing changed. Can you help?


    I am getting the same problem here. Started happening about two hours ago.



    Same problem for me. My static page simply reverts to my blog page – even though it’s asked to go to another page.


    Same here. Evidently some global change has occurred. Instead of my static page, I see recent blog entries. I tried flipping the options, to no avail. I opened a support case with WP, and am pretty sure others have too.


    I have the same problem. In addition when I try to edit the static page, the previsualization shows another page. May be there is a relation between those effects.

    Yesterday night (about 3.30 AM EST everything was OK.



    i have same problem . how can we solve this problem?



    I apologise most sincerely for looking ‘fairly foolish’ drmike, though I would imagine that 99% of the human population would instinctively do the same thing, so that puts me in good company!

    My front page is set to ‘Welcome!’ and there isn’t a selected posts page. I haven’t changed either of these settings though since I started the blog.


    Dear Drmike,

    Do u know what is causing the bug ? Do we need to take any action ?

    Thank u




    I have the same problem too !
    Please help…



    so, its happen to everyone… yesterday is fine
    but today… the frontpage showing recent post…
    just wait then? hope it’ll fixed soon


    Could we have an update on the progress to resolving this problem please, as it doesn’t seem to be an isolated case.



    I have this problem too! Help! Change you the program ?
    Yo tengo el mismo problema…..!! Cambiaron la programaciĆ³n ?



    This is being fixed right now – sorry!


    Dear Mark,

    Thank you for your prompt answer and help.

    Those things happen.

    Best regards



    Thank you oh honorable keymaster and goodluck…

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