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    Hey, I needed some assistance for the blog I’m currently runnin ( I managed to create a static page (as you can see when you enter the site) and I was wondering if their is any possible way I can change/edit the template for that current page. As you can see, the main page contains the logo of the site and i was thinking of having the static page just to be the logo itself, meaning no navigation bar or any of that.

    Is there any way? Or atleast the closet method towards it?

    Please dont refer me to any of the guidelines I have read most and they havent really helped me at all.

    The blog I need help with is


    Not without the paid CSS upgrade and a good level of CSS experience, and I would actually suggest not doing that. People are seriously fed up with “intro” pages that give them absolutely no information, and search engines will throw you down a deep, dark well with intro pages such as that because there is nothing for them to index or read, just the image that is linked to the rest of the site. Search engines are carnivores, they want meat on the main page and if possible dynamically changing meat.

    My opinion: Bad idea.



    I agree with TSP and urge you to read the differences between pages and posts and the terrible affect on SEO that creating a landing page and a page structured blog has.
    Static Front Blog Page, Yay or Nay? >
    Better Blogging at Pages and Posts



    Thank you TSP.

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