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    Hi there. I have created a blog that is only available to around 20 users that I have given the profile as authors that allow them to creat new postings in the blog.

    However, it seems that even though these users login to the blog and visit several pages this does not show in the statistics? The statistics only show a few page hits from the construction phase where the blog was not protected.

    I don’t have the option to make the blog visible and I really need these statistics while the use of this blog is a part of a research project. Does WordPress save the statistics for these users somewhere?

    Hope you can help me.



    Logged-in users are not counted in stats at all – that’s why no stats.



    Thanks Mark. So there is no counting of loggend in users what so ever? I mean, maybe Statistics just don’t show them and maybe they can be reached with some third party software?



    You may want to try a service like statcounter or sitemeter. Both of those have been added to blogs in the past. You add in an image to your sidebar and, via that, the views get counted.

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