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Statistics and BOTD

  1. There seems to be something very strange going on with the statistics and

    My main site has been listed in the top 100 on BOTD every day for months.

    Usually it is in the top 50 of all blogs and the top 20 or 30 of blogs written in English.

    Another blog that gets similar but slightly lower traffic has been consistently ranked much lower in the BOTD top 100. It rarely makes the top 100 blogs in all languages but makes it into the top 100 English blogs consistently (down in the 30-100 range) even though the traffic is similar to the main blog.

    Running up to and the day of Valentine's Day, the main blog was in the top 10 and often in the top five. On Valentine's Day it hit number 2 in the results.

    Ever since the day after Valentine's Day, the main blog has vanished from the top 100 results completely.

    Traffic to that blog is still higher than the traffic to the second blog yet the second blog is listed at around #30 (English) and the main blog is not listed at all in or

    Any ideas why the main blog would be excluded from the BOTD results?

    PS: This blog is also excluded from listing as the featured blog for the main tag for some unknown reason. Could it have been accidently marked as mature or something like that?

  2. I'm begining to wonder about the botd code as well. My main site here currently has a 400% increase so far for today compared to yesterday but yet it's not a growing blog.

  3. Curiouser and Curiouser.
    - Lewis Carroll

  4. Actually I'm showing 'quotes' as a top blog on the 15th, down at #75.

    Right in front of that creditpro blog that had been in teh top 10 for a few days as well.

  5. @drmike

    Yes, I see it too.
    That day was when I started to get concerned that something was haywire. is listed there as #54
    and is listed at #75

    Sayings had 5952 page views and 96 feed reads that day
    Quotes had 10,041 page views and 194 feed reads that day

  6. Thnaks for posting the numbers. That was going to be my next question.

    Rather strange that they're backwards though like that.

  7. Yes, they are that way yesterday as well.

    Sayings traffic 4034
    Quotes traffic 6812

    Sayings rank #76
    Quotes rank: not listed in top 100

    Today so far:
    Sayings traffic 2149
    Quotes traffic 2112

    Sayings rank #98
    Quotes rank: not listed in top 100

  8. Here is a graph of the stats.

    I suppose that the algo for BOTD might be set to exclude any sites that drop quite a bit in traffic amount, even though their total traffic might still be very high relative to the other sites listed.

  9. Best days I've ever had between the two blogs here and neither one are showing up. :( - 233 yesterday to 1230 views. Almost 500% increase. is currently at 2,352 views for the day


  10. Has anyone from staff looked into this problem?

    This is still happening.

    The site with twice as much traffic is not listed in the top 100 and the site with half the traffic is.

  11. The staff know there's a stats problem of some kind, but I gather they're still tweaking it.

  12. Something must be up with the stats. Scobleizer's down to #3. :)

  13. prettymuchamazing

    My blog

    Was in the top 100, usually top 50 for a long while and a few weeks ago it just disappeared. Traffic has remained pretty constant though. What's up with that?

  14. Volunteers have no specific information on your stats.

  15. Sometimes blogs, regardless of strong hits, get de-listed or handicapped in some esoteric way. None of us have any idea how staff does that, except that I have a strong hunch that VIP blogs are never artificially delisted.

  16. I believe that my blog is the most visited blog today and it very likely has the most visited post of the day today.

    It may also be the fastest growing.

    It is not listed in BOTD and has not been listed there since Valentines Day, 2007.

    The closest thing I can see to a response from support appears to be an e-mail from Matt that basically says

    "Your Blog is not very interesting."

  17. The other day my blog was on the growing blogs list #35 then moved up to #22 then it suddenly disappeared from the list entirely. There's no way it could have went from 22 to > 100 in less than an hour.

  18. Depends on the ratios. Growing blogs is based on rate of increase, not actual hits. I got on Growing Blogs with 275 hits. We went from 400 hits to 2800 the other day without making the list, because the rate of increase wasn't as great. Growing Blogs is actually the hardest to hit, day after day, of all of them.

  19. My blog have same problem like jamesewelch.
    Yesterday my blog is on top posts around in thai language #10
    and on top blogs #50 .
    Today my blog is on top posts around in thai language #4 and in top blogs #28
    And now when I connect internet again it disappeared from the list entirely.
    I don't understand.Why?

  20. All our best guesses at the dynamic are already here. More than that, we don't know.

  21. I was on the Top 100 blogs about 3 months ago and I'm averaging twice the traffic now. Am I on the list? Nope. This month I'm averaging around 2000 hits a day. I actually hit 5300 in one day last month. When I did make the list back in June, I was averaging under 1000 hits a day. Go figure that out.

    My theory is that the powers that be at WordPress found out that my blog is a big piece of crap. DOH!

  22. Hey, I hit 7000 one day and didn't make the list, and have averaged over 3000 a day for months now, without being in the Top 100. For one thing, Top Posts doesn't count any post over 30 days old; it's possible that Top Blogs won't count hits on older posts either.

    Never say it's because your blog is crap. Go to Technorati and look at the top ten. Trust me, you'll feel very smug about the quality of your blog once you do.

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