Statistics are not accurate in the afternoon/evening

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    My site statistics have a problem that seems to happen nearly every day in the later afternoon/evening hours. When I open my site statistics, I might have 21,000 pageviews. When I refresh it a few seconds later it will say 19,455 pageviews. When I refresh it again it will say 19,233. And then to another number that is wrong. And this goes on and on until at some part of the evening it fixes itself and starts showing the stats consistently correct.

    I know other people have the same problem as I do that have blogs, as they have told me about it on twitter. I’m not sure what the problem is but I can tell you it’s quite annoying to not know exactly what your statistics are at a given time.

    The blog I need help with is



    I honestly can’t believe no one else is having this problem. I see it every day and so do friends of mine.



    You’re not alone. Here is another thread where the issue is being discussed.

    I notice mine “freezing” or becoming very erratic about 4 p.m. until the daily “rollover”. You might take the time to send a detailed report to Support.



    Yes indeed, it’s happening to me too!

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