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    For a few weeks now, my statistics chart of daily visits is not up to date. The tabular data shows quantities up to the current day, but the x-y plot of daily visits is always two or three days behind. The weekly and monthly plot seem okay.


    The blog I need help with is



    My stats is down completely.
    I’m patiently waiting for support to come back to work so I can get an answer.



    my stats are also gone. so are all my catagories, and evidently, my ability to upload new posts. some links from the dashboard go to a completely new blogpage, devoid of any of my custom settings other than my blog title.

    it looks like i’ve been wiped clean.


    My stats is down



    That could be normal or it could be a problem. Do you mean the numbers are down, or that you can’t get the graph? Or that the page won’t open? We need more info.



    @auxclass, actually the blog stats plugin is supported here at wordpress.COM, and I would suggest that voices2g contact staff directly for help on the stats plugin since they are the only ones with backend access that can figure out what might be happening.



    Opps – his site on second look does not seem to be WordPress anything – will the Stats Plug-in work on what seems to be a plain html site?


    No, but they could have a different site they are talking about. They didn’t give a link, but I assumed they were talking about the stats plugin from here.


    On voice2g’s site, there is a link to this blog however.


    @ OP – try this – I had a similar problem and did a bit of searching on the support faqs – Go to your internet browser’s Tools section (for explorer, not sure on the other browsers) and Delete Browsing History.

    After that, force the page to resend (explorer command – cntrl F5) It should update correctly.

    For whatever reason my browser happily updates for days/weeks, then suddenly becomes tempermental. Hope this helps :)



    my stats chart is not showing the total number of hits, including the syndicated views, as it used until two days back. I don’t like the present chart because I am not able to see the total number. Please, bring back the chart which shows total number of hits. Thanks.
    my blog is


    My stats page does not load at all, i just see the little W with the spinning circle around it and it never loads.



    Same as everybody, my stats chart is not showing, it seems there is a problem.



    There is no blog linked yo your username and you did not post the URL for the blog in question. Staff will need it.

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