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    Dear WordPress, My statistics suddenly stopped working on both my blogs:

    Please help!!


    The blog I need help with is


    Define ‘stopped working’.

    Not counting? Page not loading?


    Sorry, I wasn’t so clear. All of the sudden, two days ago, no stats show up. Everything is “0”. I’ve done a few posts, and know people have checked it out (have had friends go on as an experiment even), and it just stays at “0”. Any ideas?


    I have a similar problem. For many months, SOME of my stats would not load. In the past few weeks, ALL of my stats will not load; I get just the “waiting” symbol on my iPad (which I’ve been using for almost 3 years).



    I have also been having this problem. I know people are visiting the site as I have likes and comments, but the stats are showing as an absolute 0. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue.
    My site is


    Mine have just randomly started to work again. I am trusting that they’re right ( but who knows, really). They were 0 for a week, then started working again. First half-working (I’d get like 1 hit, which again wasn’t the case), and now they seem normal. It’s annoying. Hope it stays working again.

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