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Statistics on WordPress blogs...

  1. ... I am wondering if there are statistics available on the average "life-time" of a new blog...

    I am curious to find out how many new blogs (in WordPress, obviously) are created on a monthly basis, and how long do they stay active. Probably not easy to find out, as blogs tend not to disappear, just stay there, frozen in time, strange reminder of active days gone by...

    are there data for this kind of stuff somewhere?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff have access to such data - we Volunteers don't. :)

  3. Oh, is that unfair or what? :-)

  4. All I can tell you that as there is no requirement to update blogs and as many bloggers stop posting six months of starting a blog, there are many "dead" blogs out there. Consequently, I view any any figures about the numbers of blogs blogs being hosted with spiked eyebrows as they don't seem to be adjusted to reflect only "active" blogs.

    Since 2004, Technorati's annual State of the Blogosphere report has followed growth and trends in the blogosphere. Have you read the reports? Blogging is big! Important blogging statistics were provided on the BlogWorld site. See this post for the links to both. >

  5. As usual, you bring some very interesting articles to light, making me feel glad I asked the question!

    Just last week an acquaintance of mine said that she is anti-blogs because they are all a "me, me, me" thing - she was kind enough to start by saying "nothing personal against you", but still

    Maybe I'll send her the link... ;-)

  6. She's obviously out to lunch on that score. LOL ... do it! :)

  7. Your friend is not only impolite, but ill-informed. If you want to make her faint, tell her the average income for Twitter users is $65,000 US per year.

  8. @raincoaster, average income (I'm assuming you meant, of) Twitter user is $65,000? Where have you heard this? The world uses Twitter, I very much doubt if people in Japan or India make $65,000. I fail to understand what exactly are you saying.

  9. @arifsali

    If you want to make her faint, tell her the average income for Twitter users is $65,000 US per year.

    It's to "make her faint" (truth or accuracy aside) :)

  10. arifsali, I got that from a survey done by the Pew Institute for Internet Research, which is about the pre-eminent organization doing this kind of demographic research.

    Like I said, it's an average. And while it is several months old as a statistic, I would stake my reputation on the accuracy of the Pew Institute. And there are, of course, quite a lot of Indian and Japanese billionaires, and they are ALL on Twitter.

  11. I think I'm the only person in the world that isn't on Twitter. I just can't think in 140 characters or less.

  12. You can do haiku, can't you? Haiku is huge on Twitter.

  13. No, thesaredpath.... I am not there either, and don't think I'll join anytime soon... ;-)

  14. @sallybr
    I hear you and have backed away from using Twitter for anything other than posting links to my newly published posts, and retweeting links to posts I have read and feel have value. I do not state my preferences for this, that or anything else of Twitter because I know that internet marketers have such a HUGE presence there and on Facebook (where I don't have an account). As Terry O'Reilly says: The age of information has become the age of invasion.

  15. I could teach you how to avoid them, but consider this: if you only use Twitter to broadcast links to your posts, you are just another marketer.

  16. @timethief

    interesting... I do have a Facebook account, and it is linked to my blog, so whenever I post, it gets "announced" over there. I use Facebook every once in a while to keep in touch with people living outside the US. It is amazing how much personal info some people divulge on Facebook... particularly the crowd into the late teens...

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