Statistics Reliability?

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    I’m curious… how much should we actually be trusting the statistics that we get from wordpress? How accurate are they?

    I ask because today I put up a post on my blog that was displayed on a blog listing that I belong to. At that site different blogs are collected and listed, and people can click on various titles of their choice to be taken that specific blog site. It also records and displays the number of hits that your blog is receiving. According to the listing, I have nearly 90 hits, but when I go to my wordpress statistics, they are showing less than 60 for this particular post. That’s a substantial difference. In addition, I’ve also emailed my post link to friends, and posted it on my facebook account. I think I can safely say that I’ve gotten more hits than seem to be accounted for in the statistics.

    So what gives? Now I am beginning to wonder if I should even pay any attention to these statistics. What is the point of having them if I have to wonder if they are even accurate? I’m not asking that they have to be precise, but geez… I would think you could do a little better than a 30 hit difference!

    The blog I need help with is

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