Stats 1.3.2 and API

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    Trying to get the Stats 1.3.2 plugin to work.

    I hard coded the API, and the plugin is activated.

    When I visit the page to view the stats, this message is there, with no explanation on how to proceed: Stats
    Error from last API Key attempt:
    Missing API Key
    The Stats Plugin is not working because it needs to be linked to a account.
    An API Key is present in the source code but it did not work.

    I have re-checked the API Key on my WP Account.

    Is there a solution to this?

    August 21, 2008 @ 4:12 PM



    I’m having exactly the same problem.


    Did you activate akismet under plugins and then go to “akismet configuration in the plugins area? That is where you put in your API key.

    Try copying your API key out from your wordpress.COM profile, and then pasting it into a plain text editor and then paste that into your akisment configuration API field.


    Sheesh, Did I write about Akimet above?

    Where’s that rock I hide under?


    Do try pasting your API key into a plain text file first and then paste from the text file to the Stats API key field.



    This doesn’t work either. :(



    Sorry you’re in the wrong forum this is WordPress.COM
    you need WordPress.ORG -> or ? The difference.



    I found the problem.

    My WordPress blog was already associated with another account here at I forgot I already had a account. I’m using it with my old account now – with the old API key – and everything works great.

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