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    Firstly when it says “we don’t count your own visits to your blog” is that referring to clicking through your account onto your blog whilst being logged in etc, or does is it linked to your IP address?

    Also one of the referrer links is to my friend’s Facebook page, which is a bit odd considering I’m not aware of there being a link to my blog on there. I do however have a link to my blog from my own Facebook profile so could the system have gotten confused or something??

    I’m not very tech-savvy so if anyone can help I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Carly


    There is also a referrer link to the main Facebook homepage, which is kinda strange because as I said before, there is only a link on my personal profile…



    1) while you’re logged in.
    2) no, if it came from his page, the link was on his page somewhere at the time, even if it isn’t now. Did you do a wall to wall convo and drop the link?
    3) that’s probably a link from someone else’s page who isn’t a Friend of yours and who has protected his page.


    Thanks for your help.

    Re 2) – No, I’ve never left links anywhere except on my profile page. I’ve since found the whole list of referrer links right from the start and there are quite a few facebook referrers, some from other people’s pages (both friends and friends of friends) and one is just a search result.

    Could it somehow be recording the address of another tab/window the person has open at the same time? Surely that wouldn’t be allowed though, right?



    yes, yes, but there are links YOU left, and links OTHER people have left.


    Thanks but I still don’t understand, sorry! When you talk about leaving links you mean actually typing/pasting the address in right? So do you mean other people have posted my blog address on their friends pages etc?

    That can’t be right because for some of the friends’ profiles in question we don’t have any mutual friends and I highly doubt that a complete stranger has by chance found my blog and thought to ‘show’ it to someone who also happens to be friends with me! I must be misunderstanding you – sorry! I’m not very good with all this technology!



    When your friends look at their FB pages, they see their friends’ updates, including yours. Yours probably include your blog posts. They click on them. Those are clicks from their pages.



    Here’s the thing: your blog is on the internet. This is how the internet works. Random people read your blog. Some of them will link to it. It’s really not worth spending time worrying about where any one referral happens to have come from. Much better to get on and write good stuff for the blog so that people who do find it stick around.


    Thanks for your help. Raincoster, my FB and WP aren’t linked (except for the link on my profile) so FB shouldn’t know when I’ve updated my blog…

    I wouldn’t ordinarily worry about it but some of the people whose profiles are ‘referrers’ are of interest to me – don’t want to say more than that but I have my reasons anyway.

    Thanks again, Carly

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