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Stats: Admin Visits Counted

  1. Is there a way to stop my admin site visits from being counted on a site hosted by WordPress says it does not count these (here, but I have been working on a new site that has zero traffic and I can clearly see views increase every time I click on a page.

  2. Please provide a link to the site in question.

    Is it a private blog?

  3. No

  4. No it is not private. The link is:

    There should be no traffic - it is my testing site for revamping an organization's page. Even if there were a few random hits - I had about 50 today and clearly saw how browsing as an admin increased my views.

  5. Then are we meant to guess the link? The site linked to your username is empty. Is your work all just drafts?

  6. OK. Typing at the same time.

  7. This is what I see when I click the link you provided: is marked private by its owner.

    That means your own visits as an admin, editor, author, contributor, and even as a reader would be counted.

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