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Stats are confusing me

  1. jeremeylduvall

    Hi @D.Akkurt,

    Just a note, if you have any additional questions, please open a new forum thread. With regards to "stats", that is short for statistics, meaning the likes, shares, and views of your blog.

    With regards to having more "Likes" but decreased views, a "Like" doesn't guarantee someone viewed your blog. For example, readers can use the Reader to "like" a blog post, but never actually visit the post itself.

    If you're referring to Facebook "likes", readers on your Facebook may "like" your Facebook post, but never actually click the link to visit your blog. Therefore, they never actually register a page view on your blog, but the "like" is recorded on Facebook.

  2. Thanks for your answer. Now I understand the case. But I think the WordPress Reader visits could be counted as stat. :)


  3. jeremeylduvall

    If your visitors click the title of the post to open your entire blog post (not just the preview) within the Reader, that is counted as a page view in your statistics. However, if the Reader just views the summary and clicks "Like", that is not counted in your stats as a view since the Reader did not view the entire post.

  4. Hi, I dont' understand what exactly stats say. E.g., right now 35 visitors, 89 views (so: 35 different people watched 2 or 3 different posts each one, right?), but 57 views for the last post today. So? 35 different people watched twice se same new post?
    Please explain me.
    Thanks in advance

  5. jeremeylduvall

    Your interpretation is correct. Please reference this support document for more information:

    If you have additional questions, please open a new support thread.

  6. Can we please close this thread. Thank you.

  7. All threads here are a shared resource. To stop notifications go to the first page of this thread and at the very top click to "unsubscribe".

  8. OK, thank you.

  9. You're welcome. :)

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