Stats are down and new posts from blogs I follow are not all showing in reader

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    Thank you for all the responses. I was just guessing that my stats were being affected as my issue was with the reader too.

    I talked to some of my followers when I realised that the reader had not notified me of recent posts they’d written. They confirmed they also had not received updates about me.

    I mainly use the latest version of chrome, I also read via dolphin on Android. Updates from certain blogs do not appear to have dwindled, however, I am able to confirm from checking just now, that I still am not receiving updates from all the blogs that I am following.

    I would like to highlight that I have no add-ons, plug-ins, Ad-block or anything. And I did not modify my browser settings/change browsers/behaviour between the earlier days of using WP when things appeared to be working fine and now when things stopped working in the same way, to the best of my knowledge.

    I would reiterate that this appears to be a WP problem as the above contributors have noted. I do not believe my stats are wrong, just that they seem to reflect the observation that the problem with the reader is possibly having an effect on my readership.


    (Side note: i posted this in a different before finding this thread, sorry!)

    Re the reader issue: I’m having the same problem. I realized recently that a number of blogs I follow, including my own, are not showing up in the “blogs I follow” section.

    I also have noticed that the number of new posts in a general topic reader – eg, Photography – have dropped. Normally there are several dozen new posts in a given time period, but lately, I’ll see only six or seven new entries in the same time period with Photography tag every time I check it. I look about 2-3x a day.

    This persists regardless of computer or browser I use.
    I use Firefox on my laptop; Chrome on my primary computer. Adblock is disabled for WP on both.



    This is just to let you know I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.


    many thanks


    Any update on this issue? I’m still experiencing the problems.



    Mine came back….so thanks for whatever someone did!!!



    This may have been fixed. Any luck if you clear your browser’s cache?



    One of the very clever WordPressers said it worked if she hit refresh a bazillion times and sure enough that works once in a while. But it’s inconsistent and what’s more sometimes the posts that do show up are several days behind despite all our cache clearing etc.


    @macmanx Thanks for all the efforts. Unfortunately it appears that I am still not feeding through to some follower’s readers and I am not getting posts fed through to mine from everyone I follow.

    I don’t think it is to do with my browser’s cache as I clear it automatically after every session anyway. Also, I have no problem getting some blogger’s feeds consistently.



    Okay. So far I have received 14 (yes, fourteen) emails from this forum topic saying ” this message has no content”. Now how do I unsubscribe from this forum?


    @ameliespp Oh dear. Now even the email to the forum’s broken? :\ Does the email not have an unsubscribe link normally (I followed the link to the forum in the email to here but didn’t find an unsubscribe link in the email I just read, strange).

    Perhaps unticking the “Notify me of followup posts via email” box below the comment form when you leave a comment might do it. I’m not sure…


    When you have posted your comment, it shows you a link to unsubscribe above the comment you just posted…you should also be able to unsubscribe from your dashboard I believe…



    I’m having the same problem with my posts not appearing in the reader. My views and likes have dropped because of this issue. I’ve gotten no answers from WP after posting my concerns a few times, however I did get a response from some Tech guy saying “Do not post the same question multiple times” WHERE.. IS.. THE.. TECH.. SUPPORT??



    Staff is on one of their meetups until July 23rd. They monitor the forum threads we Volunteers flag for Staff attention and this thread has been flagged.



    Please post some details so Straff have something to work with.
    (1) How are you connecting to the internet and to way you connect to the internet (mobile, satellite, DSL, dial-up) and to your blog, and how many proxy server jumps etc. it takes to connect can cause problems. There maybe be problems with your ISP and/or with the proxy servers. Also note that the main dashboard isn’t designed to work with touch devices through the tablet and smartphone browsers.

    (2) Which browser and version of it are you using. If you don’t know click here to find out >



    @thisislemonade hey, thank you for the response. I must have had one of my “duh” moments, the unsubscribe link is looking me right in the face.

    What a flood of emails I got, definetly something broken there.


    @ameliespp no worries and hopefully clicking on the link has worked! (In which case you probably won’t get this…)

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