Stats are the problem now.

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    The Views by Country works now, but still no Referrers. I had 9 views, including 2 syndicated ones. Is it even possible there were no referrers? I’ve never had that happen. The stats are absolutely still glitchy, I can tell you that. I did clear the cache etc.

    The blog I need help with is



    It is possible that there are no referrers in your stat. People can click your homepage or other links directly and are not considered to be referred from somewhere else.



    Hello –

    Forgive me for barging in here but I have a very weird stats problem I hope someone can help me with. Normally I get between 30 and 60 visits a day to my blog, but for the past three days I’ve had 902, 768 and 1,730!! They all come from the UK and they are all Googling “victorian time” each day. This is clearly a technical glitch but I wonder what is going on? How can I get back to normal? Should I change my password?
    Many thanks for any advice or insights you can offer!



    @hnsaifi thanks for the information. I know for a fact that my stats are messed up because many times certain sections (especially country of origin) are blank after loading, or the entire page ends up blank. In addition the number of hits often stays the same; but if I refresh the page a number of times new referrers will suddenly pop up.

    So hard to know if it’s my imagination or it’s one of the frequent glitches.

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