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Stats are unusually high

  1. My blog, Interrupting the Silence, averages 250-300 views per day. Today, however it is already at 676. That's nice but suspicious. 620 of those are from search engines with 544 coming from Yahoo Image Search. The search terms shows 544 for "feast of dedication." I googled these terms but my blog was not returned in the first several pages of results. Any explanation? Do I need to be concerned about this other than possibly inaccurate stats? Thank you for your help. Mike

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If they're coming from Yahoo Image search, then they're definitely valid.

    Have you tried a Yahoo Image search for "feast of dedication"?

  3. I just tried it but found nothing from my blog in the first 30 pages of results.

  4. Hm, they're definitely valid views. Yahoo does do regional results and tailor search results to user habits, so you may not see the same results as other.

  5. I guess it's just a good day. Seems strange, though, that there would be that many searches with those terms. Thank you for your help.

  6. You're welcome!

  7. formulaoneupdate

    The first time my stats went throught the roof, I also scrathced my head and looked at the details. I usually received 300-400 hits a day, but suddenly I was approaching 2,000. I also got a lot from Yahoo Image search and obscure websites. I then looked them up and they were all valid and working websites, simply re-blogging or linking to my blog.

    I am now a regular top blog on certain F1-related sites and if I write about, for instance, the Williams team, then suddenly I get hundreds of hits from Williams fan sites and such. It´s pretty cool

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. It was a strange thing. I had not posted anything new in a few days when it all of a sudden spiked. My stats have now returned to normal.

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