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    stats aren’t showing, I know I am getting more traffic than is reflected in my stat count. I am getting likes on posts that aren’t showing as being visited. This has only started recently. I had a some friends and family visit my blog throughout the day and none of those visits were recorded. I know this because I have zero hits from Canada and that’s where those folks were visiting from. Any ideas would be appreciated
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    This is happening to me too. I hope someone can tell us how to fix it!

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    Not for me. That part is showing accurately. It’s the actual page views that aren’t. For instance, today I published a new post. So far, it says I’ve had 3 hits, but I’ve gotten 8 likes and 2 new followers. Doesn’t add up, does it?



    People can like and follow from the Reader, without ever visiting your blog. Only a visit to your actual blog will count as a hit.


    Yup giddy I am aware of that, which is why I had some friends and family DIRECTLY view my blog and nothing showed in the stats, and still nothing, despite them doing in again today, not one hit from Canada where they are all located…. it’s not a big deal, people respond to my posts, hit like and follow etc so I know its being read, but it would be nice for tools to work the way they are intended. Right now it’s kind of like a hammer exploding when you drive a nail, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work…


    Stats will never be fully accurate.

    They are, at best, a rough guess.



    Our stats are not real time stats. They are cached and that means it takes time for the counts to rectify.

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