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Stats aren't adding up

  1. My wordpress stats don't seem to matching the numbers from one of the blogging communities I'm a member of. Spfldbloggers keeps track of how many clicks each post gets and it has way higher numbers than my WP stats (21 to 6). Is it common for the WP stats to be a little low?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Each service has their own algorithms, and ways of counting hits and therefore will show different numbers. I at one time had statcounter, sitemeter, and activemeter on my blog, and all three gave different numbers and none agreed with wordpress, and there was no rhyme nor reason as to which would show higher numbers when.

    WordPress counts page views (each page or post view is a hit). What the other services count as hits I have no clue, nor does anyone else.

    This gives more information about the blog stats: .

  3. stutterrockstar

    Yesterday my stats showed 4,066 hits, Today it shows 3874. Why the decrease?

  4. My stats went DOWN overnight as well by bout 30. Is WP having a audit?

  5. Agreed. I check my stats regularly, and my total went down by almost 300. Somewhere, the stat data is being confused. If i add up my monthly stats, i get a much higher number than is currently being reported.

    Different algorithms is fine, but i'd like one that is consistenct and relevant; random interpretations of statistics do not interest me. I want concrete numbers based on a standardized version of a click or a hit.

  6. More consistent than my ability to type, preferably. heh.

  7. defendingtruth

    I have just sat and watched my stats suddenly decrease from 1,270 to 1,090

    The Daily Visits adds up to, correctly, and displays on the upper part of the dashboard as 1,270

    The hits at the lower part of the dashboard displays as 1,090

  8. I'm having this problem also! My stats went from 343 to 147. Not that it is of extreme importance, but I do like to know that I'm constantly getting more and more views :/ Has anyone found a way to fix this yet?

  9. I've lost a thousand hits. Something like this happened a while ago, we ain't getting those hits back >_>

  10. two sites I administer have also lost total views - one by over 1,000.

  11. This isn't us-fixable i don't think. This is them-fixable.

    The stats seem to be changed by an amounnt of roughly 5-17% with some instances as high as 68%.

  12. defendingtruth

    Check my other site and the same scenario -- the (correct) total is displayed in the Blog Stats Table


    in the Total Views .... it has suddenly reduced, and therefore, does not agree with the actual total of visits.

  13. Anobody having problems with their Top Posts also? I noticed I lost 1200 hits and my Top Posts are not displaying correctly or actually not at all.

  14. I just noticed that same error. Top posts is not working for me under any subdivision.

  15. Me too. Last night we were crossed over 270,000 but this morning dropped below it and now we've been stuck at 269,946 most of the morning. Hits are happening and showing up accurately on the dashboard's daily stats in real time, but not being added to the blog's front page widget total.

  16. See the yellow announcement at the top of the main forum page about the stats issue.

  17. I'm having the same problem with my stats. They went from 11.560 to 11.219. I hope we are getting our lost hits back, aren't we?

  18. Fixed like magic, thanks! :)

  19. defendingtruth

    WORDPRESS support is superb, highly recommend.

    once again,

    "Thank You"

  20. Looks like it is all back to normal.

  21. Thanks for all the replies and help!

  22. Actually my total hits were over 705,000 last night (here in Korea), then I noticed that they were suddenly 698,000 just before I went to bed, and after I woke up they were 704,000! And to top it all off, taking a look at my totals for each year from my stats page and adding them up, it turns out that they should be over 711,000!

    So, personally at least they're not fixed at all I'm afraid(!), but I doubt I'm the only one. I've just sent a note to support about it.

  23. my stats were adjusted but still not tallying this evening. Looks like there still may be some glitches. Has there been any explanation for this?

  24. A big thanks to Sheri at support for fixing that for me!

  25. defendingtruth

    Oh, blog stats have just reduced ??!!

  26. defendingtruth

    All is well, I deleted the Blog Stats Widget from Sidebar

    then added the Widget back to Sidebar

    Control F5

    and it is now correct.

  27. gravatariscancer

    I gave up. I showed wordpress how the stats didn't add up but they insisted that everything was fine. They won't/can't fix it. The upgrade was a disaster. I moved.

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