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Stats aren't working right

  1. My stats aren't showing up properly - I have more likes on various of my posts than my stats report people have actually seen them.Do you know why this could be and how I could fix it?
    Blog url:

  2. My stats aren't working either and it was the same yesterday. I get the current, but nothing from the past day.

  3. @sophiesoven: Thanks to the new WordPress Reader service it is possible for people to read your posts, Reblog your posts, Like your posts and Follow your blog all without ever visiting your blog.

    I can't remember how WordPress management rationalized it, but I'm sure they meant well and are only protecting us from overloading our stats pages.


    If you haven't done so already you should change your settings to only show a partial feed:

    Dashboard > Settings > Reading > For each article in a feed, show > Summary x!/read/

  4. Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!

  5. I'm sorry... I guess my issue is different. In the dashboard I cannot access "yesterday" it won't display anything.

  6. Hello spdd... you're in the wrong forum. You should be here:

  7. Why there...I'm .com - am I missing something ?


    Your site is hosted by if you've got a free blog, please leave the URL. Otherwise the good people at will be glad to help you.

  9. Okay. So your problem is there have been days recently (specifically 'yesterday') where you are seeing no 'hits' on your stats page... is it possible, all things being equal, you just received no visitors yesterday?

    Is the day totally missing from your stats page, or is WordPress telling you there were "0" hits over the day?

    I took a peek, and your archive goes back a few years... on average, has your traffic over the past few months been in the 5-20 'hits' per day range, or higher?

    If you believe it's unlikely you would receive no visitors during a 24-hour period, it means there's the possibility of a software glitch, which would be beyond my pay grade. If so, let me know and I'll tag this so a moderator or staff member can help you.

  10. When I go to the stats page and click on "yesterday" nothing happens. I have anywhere from 25-80 hits per day on average. The current day is showing ok... I can't access "yesterday".
    The matter of no hits is not an issue... I always have hits and they are available for the current day... just wondering why the"yesterday" won't function. Due to time zones, I like to see the final "yesterday" info.

  11. ...ah, so you're on the new stats page:

    and you're looking at the "Views By Country", and the "Yesterday" link is not working for you. Am I close? I was assuming you meant the bar graph on the 'old' stats page:

    Okay, I can't help with a dead link, so I'll tag this so a staff member can help. If you can confirm that it's a dead link issue it'll help them fix it... while you're waiting for them, sign out, empty your cache, restart your browser and sign back in. Sometimes that'll help situations like this.

  12. Would you please tell us which browser (and version of) you're using?

  13. Feartheseeds, you are right.. that is the problem. I am using Explorer 9, but I just tried it in Firefox 12 and it worked.... never thought to try another browser, but it should work in Explorer

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