Stats bar not loading /Liking other blogs not possible

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    Dear Support,

    it’s been a week now and I’m sick of it.
    So, here are my issues:

    The blog sidebar(?) – you know, this status thingy underneath the bell and the orange dot – won’t show me anything. Just the loading circle appears until death does us part.

    If I look into my blog posts/reader view, the featured images of the blog posts won’t show up any more. The reader view works fine.

    And – most important – I can’t “Like” on any other blog. If I write a comment, the usual “login with your xy account” appears. I log in, I comment, I send – and it works.

    If I try to like something, I log in, my Gravatar symbol appears, I click “like” – and nothing happens. The Like just doesn’t show up. It’s also not “invisible” or something, because nothing is counted at that moment.

    I tried to contact support via my blog site – but the ‘Contact’ mask doesn’t show up either.

    Currently using Firefox 50.1.0 with Win7 x64. And everything worked fine since last week or so.

    I have another blog, self hosted with None of these issues occurs there.

    Enlighten me!

    The blog I need help with is

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