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    I am still a little confuse on this matter. I am attempting to understand how site meter has my site having over 7400 page reads / views and near 3000 visits. On WordPress I have over 6000 blog hits and approximately 2500 page reads. WordPress shows that some of my posts are read maybe 8 times at the most. My views and length of visits at sitemeter indicate that people staying at my site and average near 5 minutes with an average of 3 pages per visit. There are people that stay at my site for up to 1 1/2 hours at a time. WordPress regularly reports a very low # of actual page reads or views, but never seems to be realistic with all the pages that are actually being read. I am still puzzled at the discrepancy of blog hits and page reads as compared to those of sitemeter. I know (based on collective stat counts) that most of my posts are being read many more times than what is shown on my dashboard under blog stats. What is up with this too? Who do I believe on the number of visits and the number of page reads?



    Best bet would be to ask the main men themselves through a feedback.




    As I’ve told you several times before, there IS NO ABSOLUTE COUNTER for stats. They all have different variables and the thing to look at is whether your hits are trending up or whether they are trending down. If you demand an accounting for the fact that different counters count things differently, you will never be satisfied, because they will never reconcile. Never. Nor do you need an explanation, really, because neither of those counters is absolutely correct, and there isn’t one available that is. It’s time to get over this; you’ve been asking much the same question for several months.

    The reason some people are on your site for so long is that quite often people open a window and read it later, as they deal with something else. I’ve routinely got twelve or thirteen windows open for at least a half hour at a time. This does not mean that they’re glued to your content the whole time.


    Thank you rain coaster and trent. Have a great weekend.



    Wondering if a program like can be used on WordPress to identify the URL and other info for who is viewing the blog? Any familiarity with this?




    @ waytoohigh – I answered you on the other thread.




    Hi there. I have the same problem but I think in reverse. Since joining Sitemeter on Monday Sitemeter ‘claims’ I have had 19 hits with 29 pageviews; WordPress had me down as 113 hits Monday 104 Tuesday 45 Wednesday Total 262. On wordpress it actually lists the posts that have been read which totals more than Sitemeter claims I’ve had pageviews in that time!!
    To me this indicates that Sitemeter is plainly wrong.
    As Raincoaster says there is no absolute so I’m going with the higher one – WordPress! Goodbye Sitemeter.

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