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Stats by Origin

  1. I would like to request the ability to track hits to my blog by their origin. I know this subject has come up before and been arbitrarily shot down because someone might use those stats to help operate a commercial blog (which, in itself, is against the TOS).

    My specific reason for wanting this information is that I am attempting to remain anonymous on my blog, and I would like to know if I started receiving a large number of hits from my hometown or any from my workplace.

    Right now I have no way of knowing if I've been exposed. Moving the blog to its own domain doesn't help, because then someone can follow the WHOIS information back to my personal info (not to mention the costs involved).

    If there any chance of providing this degree of tracking?

  2. Thanks, engtech. I've tried that, but without the javascript portion of the code I don't think you get all the information, do you? If you're supposed to, I must be doing something wrong.

  3. I'm not sure, I haven't used SiteMeter. I do know that's what most people end up using.

  4. I don't think your sidebar widget will display the IPs, etc, but you can get the IPs themselves from Sitemeter (perhaps as email? I don't recall), although I believe that's a paid service. Several people here use it, so it must work.

  5. OK. I went back and got sitemeter again, and I can get the IP's through them. I cannot get any referral information from them, however, without using javascript.

    So this double solution will solve my particular problem, but I would rather see all that information available in one place (preferrably the sidebar widget).

    Thanks for your help folks!

  6. You can get referral information from your dashboard.

  7. I'm not sure the referral info in the dashboard is complete. For that matter, I'm not sure that the page views shown in the dashboard are complete. I mean, I see the total page views at the top and then I look at the Top Posts and they are no where near. Are all those extra Page Views just folks looking at the home page? (Sitemeter doesn't indicate that is the case.)

  8. Quite a lot of them are just looking at the home page. In most blogs, yours as well as mine, pretty much all the info is posted on the home page and you'd only be registered as a specific page hit if you clicked "Comment" or "More" for those posts that have teasers on the main page and the majority of the content behind a click button. I hate those sites, myself.

    This is why the blogosphere powers that be are saying that page views doesn't cut it anymore as a benchmark.

    The Top Posts on the Stat Page also only lists the top ten posts; all other info is dropped. If you click on Top Posts itself, I still don't think you get EVERY page hit.

  9. I like my wordpress blogs very much and I like my blogs too. Ummm ... on my blogs I get referrers stats and in fact I get a lot more statistical data besides that too. I get very detailed statistics how many people visit, my most read posts, the referrers, domains, key words, resources, browsers, platforms, dates and times, hits and whether or not they are unique, languages, etc. These are all laid out in multiple columns. IMO this kind of detail is not necessarily important to every blogger but it may be an important feature for some bloggers.

  10. I hear you. It just seems like they are so far off. I hadn't thought about the Top Posts thing - you're right: that is not going to pick up hits from posts that are on the home page.

    I use More but not nearly as often as I used to. I got complaints from some of the RSS readers that the posts were getting cut off (like others here have mentioned).

  11. As of yesterday, it looks like the MORE links are showing up in RSS.


  12. I have abandoned the use of "more" tags for the reason Vivian cites.

  13. TT: has detailed stats??? really? More than or = to sitemeter???

  14. @britgirl
    way more and equal to what you pay $ for

  15. @ TT Hmmm. Interesting. Very.

  16. Also, if you have any static content on pages, I don't think Worpress tracks Pages.

  17. I'd also love to see more comprehensive statistics, such as pageloads and origins. Basicly I'd love wordpress to give me everything (almost) that statcounter offers. Or alternatively wordpress could allow users to add a Google Analytics widget? Or something along those lines.

    The only real downside with wordpress right now (after switching from blogger) is the fact that I can't add a javascript counter and see the referring links that people came through etc.

  18. Google Analytics

    The big issue with that is on Google's side. Since staff is using Urchin/ Google Analytics already on the site, if you add in a second, they would cancel each other out as Google onl;y allows one instance per page.

    The javascript issue has been discussed many times before. (Twice this morning already) If you allowed users to input Javascripts, it would be child's play to lift browser cookies containing logins.

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