Stats changes again?

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    Anyone know if staff are making stats changes again? We recently had:

    The WordPress as referrer issue

    I had an different issue which I followed up with Support but they couldn’t find anything from their end that idicated any anomolies

    More recently my referrers “disappeared’ for a few days, then they came back

    Now my stats are looking strange again. They add up, but it looks like most views of pages other than the Home Page are registering as Home Page hits again, which was the second problem I listed above.

    Seems every few days there is some sort of change to the stats.

    Alternatively, maybe I am just confused!

    The blog I need help with is



    G’day to you. :) This is a peer support forum and we Volunteers can’t help with issues like changes in your stats. The most efficient way to get support is to contact Staff directly. Staff do stop in to the forums sometimes but if you contact them, then you know that a Staff member will certainly know your problem, visit your blog (they have backend access, of course), and address the issue.



    Thanks TimeThief – I was really just trying to see if it was just me, in which case I’ll ignore it, or if anyone else was having any “anomilies” as well.

    I just wish we knew if there were changes made at all at particular points in time. Staff have said they are “working” on stats, so I figure that means changes can happen at any time.

    If no-one else voices anything, I’ll mark it as resolved.

    PS – hope it isn’t snowing!



    Flgging resolved, becaue I don’t think it is anyone other than me and maybe it is just some weirdness related to me!



    Hi teamoyeniyi, you didn’t give me enough time! My stats have been looking really weird lately too. The main thing is there are way too many separate google searches listed as referrers. Is this happening to you at all? This has always happened a little, and I never could understand it—I thought the referrers were supposed to be links to my blog, while the search terms reflect the visitors that came to my blog through a search. The last couple days it’s happening to an extreme. Slightly more search engines as ‘referrers’ than the numbers of search terms listed (as separate visits, but I suspect these double-posted visits).

    When I just searched the forums for this, I found a question in the staff-only section where the poster said that searches were showing up in both his search terms and referrers sections, and that their sum was greater than his total visits.

    I wanted to add my question to his topic, but it said there that the only replies could be from staff.



    Yep my stats are looking strange too!

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