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    From the last update, a couple of days before today, I encounter some problem.
    I can see that my stats, of my self hosted website (, are totaly erased before february 6th (day of updating).

    And now I see in my account, in my-stats module that I have a list of domain to check my stats. I have multiple entries, and especially one which is “” with results which are same on my web site board. And a another one, “” which is a temporalilly domain for my devs (not public). And when I check this one I can see my stats from the start (october 2010).

    What’s the problem ? And how can I fix that ?
    I want to see all my stats from the start for my domain

    Thanks for your answer.
    Blog url:



    Are you using Jetpack or the Stats plugin?

    If you are using Jetpack, did you recently upgrade from the Stats plugin?



    Yes, it’s the fact that I mentionned in my first post. (06th of february)



    Did you change the URL of your domain while using Site Stats?

    Can you also let us know if you de-activated the WordPress Stats plugin before activating Jetpack? Or did Jetpack automatically disable it for you?



    I didn’t desactivating it, and I don’t know if jetpack do it for me.



    Can you please check the Plugins section of your blog’s Dashboard to make sure that Stats is deactivated?


    Yes, Stats Version 1.8.5 is deactivated in my plugin section.
    Should I have to delete it ?

    Jetpack par Version 1.2.2 is activated.



    Yes, please try deleting it. Hopefully that will make a difference.


    I deleted it, and I delete all files in directeory

    But nothing change on
    And in my wordpress profile, for today I can see no stats for, but with all my history of stats from october 2010.

    And for, I can see stats from 6th february.

    How can I switch it ?
    Where or How is doing matching between domain and jetpack instance ?



    In this case, I’m afraid your old stats cannot be combined.

    Stats are stored in a slightly separate way with the new Jetpack structure, and this is one of those rare cases where they can’t be moved over.


    How data are stored ? In different database ?



    Jetpack stats are linked to the site’s URL, Stats are linked to the API key, which is now defunct.


    You don’t answer me, how are data stored ?

    Ok with your explaination, but my url site hasn’t changed since 2009 to today.
    How can I have my stats back from the start ?

    Stats are still existing but assigned to an other url.
    There was a mistake somewhere, I want to fix it.




    The stats are, or in this case were, stored on this end, not in your database.

    In this case, they cannot be merged or restored.


    I know that is not stored on my database.

    But stats are stored somewhere, and could be merged in one source, couldn’t be ?



    I’m really sorry, but we currently do not have a way of merging these stats. However, this is something that our team is aware of.


    Ok, thanks, is there any chance that your team doing something for this case in next few days ?



    It is possible, but we can’t give any estimates.

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