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    My stats will say that x amount of people looked at my post today, but then under the section where it says how people were referred to my post, it will say “none”. But the only way people can read my post is if they are referred to it (aside from my subscribers). So how do I find out how these people were referred?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Does this help?
    (under “Why doesn’t the number of referrers add up to the number of total views?”)


    Well, I am not sure if it explains my situation. I just finished building my blog, I have 8 visitors, and no referrers. As my own visits doesn’t count, I can hardly believe I really had already 8 visitors.

    By the way, is there no way that I can see the details of recent visitors?



    As explained on the link in my previous response, if people find your blog through a search engine, it will not show up under “referrers”. After all, your blog is already indexed by Google…

    If you would like more details about your visitors than what the default stats give you, there are free counters you can install. Fellow volunteer Timethief has some suggestions on her blog:


    Thanks airodyssey…. :)

    I am kinda rookie, so sorry for asking stupid questions.



    @earnmoneywithtwitter: You’re welcome, and I didn’t think it was a stupid question :-)


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